Buyers, We Are Here To Serve You

Are you interested in high fashion women’s apparel?

We have thousands of items from over 200 designers that with the latest looks from the current season. We purchase closeouts, overruns and returns from our vendors. These vendors trust us with their high quality apparel. We know that you are looking for the same integrity in a supplier.

We offer you ability to buy low and sell high. Our entire product line is retail ready. These are not bailed clothing items sold by the pound. We are in the business of delivering the highest quality straight from rack pulls from our vendors, to your retail storefronts around the globe. We have a vast amount of inventory to customize your order depending on your quantity needs.

Are you interest in being your own boss?
At ThirdVine Export, we have developed a supply chain and a business model that allows you to set up your own storefront in the apparel-retail space, which plays a major part of your economical infrastructure. We offer hands-on  training, guidance and support to insure your success.

Apparel franchises are a great way to start your own business. We have the formula, inventory with access to over 200 designers of product and business acumen to get you started.  We have developed a formula that require very little capital that produces a high ROI (Return On Investment). Please see our Contact Us page to get more information.

Who is ThirdVine Export?

Our objective is to continue to grow our international business network and build long term relationships with professional and trustworthy retailers, business brokers and buyers.
ThirdVine was founded on the guiding principles of integrity, commitment, professionalism and excellence. We believe in challenging convention in order to advance more efficient and cost-effective business solutions that inspire industry change and deliver significant value to our export clients and business partners worldwide.
Our experience in the fashion community has shown us numerous changes in styles over the years. We trust our team that supports us and we always provide you with the latest information available, so that you are on the cutting edge of fashion. We source from the finest retailers in the world to provide you with the best quality.


Thirdvine offers you as a wholesale buyer the ability  to purchase high quality garments and accessories for  your business at a wholesaler discounted purchase point.  These goods have the some of the higher selling  price points in the industry.


ThirdVine is different because we do not bale our product, each piece is carefully sorted and select for transit. We do not sale by  the pound we offer you the ability to purchase our garment that are retail ready in smaller quantities to ensure your satisfaction.


ThirdVine has created a vast supply chain which allows you the ability start your own business. Our successful model allows you to take advantage of our proven strategy in the secondary clothing market. We offer the following categories – clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Please contact us for more information.